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What is Kijiji?

The first thing people always ask is . . . "Kijiji? What does it mean? And how do you pronounce it?" Kijiji (kee-gee-gee) means "village" in Swahili. We are your online village, connecting you with neighbors who can supply whatever you need — whether it’s a car, a pet, a sofa, a flat, a baby-sitter or a tennis partner.

Kijiji is an environmentally friendly way to recycle things you no longer use without leaving your neighborhood. Because Kijiji connections are between people who live near each other, you can always see and touch an item before you buy.

With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less.

At A Glance
By the Numbers: 
Attracts over 11 million unique visitors monthly worldwide and has more than 5 million total live listings
200,000 ads listed daily (equivalent to 2 new ads every second)
Close to 1 billion page views per month
Available in about 1,000 cities and neighborhoods worldwide
Kijiji Canada is Canada’s No. 1 classifieds site
Kijiji Taiwan is Taiwan’s No. 1 free classifieds site
Launched in early 2005 by eBay in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan and Taiwan
Expanded to Austria, Switzerland and India, 2005
Kijiji U.S. launched 2007, changed name to eBay Classifieds
Content & Users: 
Current locations: Canada, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Turkey
Number of main listing areas varies by site location
Strengths across goods, motors, pets, housing, jobs, services
  • Vikas
    Director, Kijiji Canada
    I feel that I have a lot to learn about online classifieds, both technology and business. My immediate goals are to improve our program to best serve our businesses. I am constantly encouraged and supported to enhance the scope and quality of what we deliver as an organization through improvements in planning, communication, quality, predictability, among other factors. My personal goals are to learn and grow professionally as we strive for these organizational goals.
    An exciting initiative that I drove is the migration and setup of all our technology systems; from eBay data centers to new global classifieds data centers. This was a nine month long project with significant complexity and involves several different technology organizations dispersed globally. The challenge is to minimize costs and business disruptions, while making key technology, infrastructure, and setup improvements.
    As part of eBay, I expected the classifieds team to have a "large corporation" culture. Kijiji feels a lot more like a startup than I expected, which supports the fast-paced, nimble business priorities.
    This is a hard question--I would probably say individually, I find the personal investment in employees I've seen to be very unique and worthwhile. While this has manifested itself in many ways, two of my favorites include a manager recommending, encouraging the reading of and discussing a management philosophy book focused on improving operational excellence; and the amount of caring I've seen managers demonstrate when it comes to motivating and fostering a team.
    My favorite benefit is the interactions with my local and extended teams. I've met very fascinating people, had interesting discussions and made some good friends.
    A friend of mine, a developer at Kijiji at the time, encouraged me to apply for the Program Manager position at Kijiji. While I already had a good opinion of eBay Classifieds based on my conversations with him, I was very thrilled about the opportunity once I met the team. It was the right blend of challenge, responsibility, and excitement, and I decided in no time that I wanted to be part of this high-energy, vibrant team.
    During my first week, my manager casually remarked that things move at a very fast pace in classifieds, and he couldn't have been more correct. I cannot think of a single week that didn't present a new challenge. We are constantly trying to do more and be faster and better. The drive and commitment is apparent in every product release and every initiative we undertake. I really enjoy working with very bright people who are passionate about their work.
  • Lillian
    Business and Marketing Analyst
    I am a regular user of the site and my goal is to make sure that we are always keeping our users happy while keeping our ears open to what they have to say. I strongly believe that an outstanding product combined with a successful and safe user experience will make us even more popular in Canada
    I’ve had the chance to be involved with a variety of projects. For example, category expansion (something our users ask for all the time), setting up a focus group in our Toronto office, internet marketing, and all things data!
    The complexity of keeping our site clean and safe for our users
    Talking to friends and even strangers about their experiences on Kijiji
    Aside from Friday lunches, having our own softball team!
    I sold a few things on Kijiji and I wanted to help make it an even better site
    It’s a place that gives you an opportunity to take your ideas and turn them into reality
  • Maggie
    Senior marketing manager
    Making Kijiji Taiwan a Top 10 website!
    Kijiji Taiwan is famous for its "goods swap", so we invited Kyle Macdonald , the guy who traded a house with a red paper clip, to Taiwan to promote goods swap. The press was so crazy about this PR event, and we successfully made the Kijiji brand name exposed on every TV station's prime time news, newspapers, magazines and radio shows!
    Compared to other companies, our office desk is 1.5 times larger! I have plenty of room to demo my collections
    To meet users face to face at "voices", listen to their successful stories and how Kijiji inspires them to do internet marketing
    It takes me only 15 minutes to get to the office, by walking of course
    I used to work at an internet marketing agency where we followed clients' decisions, having little chance to listen to end-user’s voices. To work at Kijiji, I can get involved in the decision making and formulate solutions to help users have better livelihoods
    Our website has an impact on end-users. We help people to get a job, get a house, get a puppy or get a nanny, etc.
  • Gloria
    Product Manager
    To enjoy my work and have fun here; people around me know I work at Kijiji and it’s a great, interesting job. Besides I would like to make more and more users have fun at Kijiji, too.
    Working with people from different countries is interesting because everyone has different viewpoints and shares their feedback so we can all learn from each other.
    One day my friend sent me a URL and told me “Thank you so much!” That’s because she’s found a wife for her rabbit at Kijiji! Wow, I am a matchmaker for these two rabbits! I think my part-time job could be a “Pet” matchmaker now!
    Having fun at Kijiji and working here is like winning the lottery. Good things happen constantly
    I can meet and work with people from different countries via internet. It’s also a challenge for me to work with different ways of thinking. That’s why working at Kijiji attracts me so much
    Everything here is fresh and exciting. Boring and changeless jobs can’t interest me. Especially it seems like I work with a group of best friends or a family
  • Ashley
    Head of Strategy and Analytics
    My goals are to develop Canada’s strategy and long-term strategic priorities including extending Kijiji's presence in key verticals, and to work with my peers across all areas of the business to deliver actionable insights from data analysis.
A large part of my time is spent leading monetization, testing, and optimization of key revenue streams.
    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work on our strategy to enter new verticals including the housing business, get involved with our deals business, help with our mobile strategy, and evaluate potential M&A opportunities.
    Even though we’re a big company and have the support of eBay Inc. nothing is routine. We’re working on new business models, many of the problems we’re tackling are new and there isn’t a standard playbook. We run a very complex marketplace - where changes in one area can cascade down to another area and the impact is not always quickly evident. This environment keeps the work fun yet very challenging.
    On the business side -- For close to a year we’d been analyzing the price of our paid user features to look for opportunities to increase revenue while delivering more value to our users. With our increased growth, more people were buying features however this was diluting the actual value each individual feature user was receiving. After a lot of intense analysis we identified some key areas for price changes and I was very proud that we were able to deliver incremental revenue to the company, better value to our feature users, all while keeping our users satisfied. From using the site – I’d been struggling for over a year to find the perfect piece of art to hang in my bedroom. While visiting friends in Colorado I noticed a great painting they had purchased on line in the US however their retailer would not ship to Canada. I searched for the painting and a Kijiji ad came up and the painting was still available and within the week I had successfully finished decorating my bedroom!
    I’d say a big benefit is all of the team events and fun things that I’ve done as part of the office, along with the occasional business trip. I also get tremendous satisfaction from knowing that we’re connecting people and helping build communities. Whether my work has helped someone supplement their income, establish a business to provide for their family, connect people locally, help people find that hard to get or unique item, or help a person get a deal these are things that give me great satisfaction.
    It was a great opportunity to work with both smart and fun people – it’s rare to hit on both dimensions. To join the team and be part of building one of Canada’s great internet brands wasn’t something I could pass on.
    It is a perfect combination for my background and interests. I get to work on may big picture items and also get to get down and dirty in the data and have pleasure of managing 3 very talented individuals. Our team has the support of eBay Inc. but we act like an aggressive start up – we work hard and play hard and are able to get things done quickly. I also feel challenged in my current role and the fact that I’m learning on a daily basis is important in keeping me engaged and motivated.
  • Ryan
    Head of Sales, Kijiji Autos
    I am looking to become an authority in the classifieds business and expand my knowledge outside of the Automotive sector.
    I really enjoyed being a part of launching the Kijiji for Business site and blog. This is a place we can call our own and is a great resource for our dealers who want to stay current on our business and the Automotive Marketing industry. It is also a fun way to share our stories and personalities with our clients. If we can help with the pain points our customers are facing every day we will gain trust and credibility…plus it’s just cool to share knowledge within our industry.
    The amount of attention you get just for working here! If I forget to take my name tag off I get all kinds of attention on the subway home. Everyone wants to know more about Kijiji and what it is like to work here. I gave my mom a magnet that says “ I love Kijiji” that she stuck on the back of her car. She is constantly getting asked at the gas station and grocery store where she got it. It’s a great feeling to be a part of a one of the most loved brands in Canada.
    One of my best experiences to date was being involved with Kijiji’s sponsorship in the Auto Remarketing conference that was held in April. I had the opportunity to speak in front of 200 car dealers on “Writing an effective ad”. I must admit I was quite nervous and overwhelmed. However, with the amount of preparation and coaching from my management team I was ready for my speaking debut at that level.
    Being able to tap into a worldwide network of thought leaders when looking for inspiration and ideas.
    Bring given the opportunity to help create the #1 place for car dealers in Canada to get the best ROI on the advertising dollars was one I couldn’t turn down.
    It’s a world class organization with a management team really puts a new definition on the term “mentor”.
  • Chris
    Head of Strategic Partnerships
    I want to connect Kijiji Canada with some of Canada’s top online and traditional brands - then figure out how these brands can utilize our unique site to drive their businesses forward. At the same time; leverage their assets to solidify our position as Canada’s largest classifieds site.
    During my almost 5 years at Kijiji Canada I have worked on a ton of interesting projects – my most interesting to project to date has been building the Kijiji Autos sales business to where it is today. We took it from nothing to $11M in revenue in 3 very short years and a great leader in place to transition the business over to. Second to this? Building the first mountain bike racing jersey and shorts with our GM Zac Candelario.
    The biggest surprise for me is how ubiquitous Kijiji is for Canadians. Where this shows most clearly is during personal and business travel – I always wear Kijiji branded gear during travel and it’s an easy way to identify yourself as a Canadian in a crowd – it is that powerful and pervasive.
    The eCG Leadership Boot Camp was an amazing growth experience for me – great people, excellent learning, and outstanding support from the eCG executives.
    The access that we get to our user/customer base. I am always interested in the stories behind our users and customers – with our brand it is easy to truly connect to these stories and to me this is a huge benefit to working at Kijiji. If you asked my three little boys… they would say “the pop machine that is free!”
    Simply; the overall opportunity at Kijiji is far greater than any other in Canada – including the big guys like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn. It comes down to the fact that we have the traffic, and the traffic is browsing our local city sites in categories looking to buy stuff – for online advertising and business development. It doesn't get any better than this.
    Over the past year things have changed a lot at Kijiji – I remain engaged and interested based on the overall size of the Kijiji opportunity and the great leadership and focus that Zac brings to this crazy business. There is something new and different every day and I thrive in that sort of environment. Zac has the ability to let us take risks; but at the same time ensure that the business is focused on our core three priorities… Win Canada, Get Our Fair Share, and Innovation.